What Are "The First Forty Days?"

What Are "The First Forty Days?"

Published by Author Damsel In Dior. 2019

When my dear friend Stephanie gifted me “The First Forty Days” book, I had no idea what kind of impact it would have on my postpartum recovery.

Firstly, everyone needs this book who is expecting or has delivered. When I sat down to share my new discovery with you guys, I felt a bit nervous about not being able to fully explain how “The First Forty Days” works. So, I decided to interview the co-author of the book instead! Also, if you live in Los Angeles, Heng Ou created MotherBees meal delivery which offers deliciously healthy and nourishing meals for your first forty days and beyond. Grant loves the meals too!

Q: What are the “First Forty Days?”

The first forty days after the birth of a child are an essential and fleeting period of rest and recovery for the new mother. Many traditional cultures have their old ways of caring for the new mother, where a woman remains at home focusing on healing her body and bonding with her baby. Our book The First Forty Days, draws on these traditions for the contemporary woman, reviving the lost art of caring for a mother after birth. As modern mothers are pushed to prematurely “bounce back” after delivering their babies, and are often left alone to face the physical and emotional challenges of this wildly new chapter of their lives, the practice of committing to one’s ‘first forty days’ is a mode of resistance, of radical self-care, and will be a lifeline from which they can draw as they transform on their personal journeys as women and mothers.

Q: When should a woman start the “First Forty Days”

The “First Forty Days” begins the day you give birth. Zuo Yuezi, also meaning “sitting the month” in Chinese culture. Ideally a woman should be prepping her mind, body, and spirit once she starts her third trimester to be ready for birth and her postpartum period. Then her kitchen, gathering items for her postpartum pantry and stocking her freezer, 1-2 weeks before she gives birth. 

Q: What is the #1 thing a new Mom should have in her fridge to help with her recovery?

Broths are definitely the number one thing. Collagen-rich, nourishing bones cooked with warming ingredients like fresh ginger and turmeric. Our MotherBees broths are handcrafted and designed to be drunk throughout pregnancy to rebuild and balance all of the body’s systems, when one needs a boost of nutrients and energy. Broths can be drunk in the morning or in-between meals. To be put into a cup to take into the car to be sipped throughout the day, and throughout the night awake with the baby.  For more of a meal, as the broth it heats up in the pan and starts to bubble I might throw in some light greens in there— watercress, spinach, some rice noodles, crack an egg in there, which takes 5 minutes to cook.

Q: I struggle with sitting still and I’m nervous about my First Forty Days. What tips do you have {calming the mind, body and soul}

I would take it day by day, breath by breath. Try to focus on the pleasures and being present as possible. Try not stress out about the whole entire period of forty days. Don’t add on more stress than what you’re already experiencing. The world will be out there to greet you when you come back out, and you will be more ready to face it.

Honor your different pace. If you feel that you need to venture out, to start back on things-to-do, after 10 days, 2 weeks, then you might want to take 2 weeks after 2 months to settle back into yourself. The First Forty Days can stretch out over years, intermittently.

Q: What are 3 things pregnant Moms can do right now to prepare for postpartum?

  1. Create your sacred space, starting from your bed. You want to be as comfortable as possible, as peaceful as possible. The pathway between your bedroom to your bathroom will be well-trod. Make sure you have perinatal squeezy bottle, your sitz bath and witch hazel. These spaces will be your haven.
  2. If you are one or two weeks away from birth, stock your freezer with some nourishing protein rich stews, frozen bones or already made frozen bone broth. Stock your postpartum pantry with your raspberry, nettle, red clover teas, nuts and sesame, hemp, and flax seeds, and nut butters. Your ghee, coconut oil, sesame oil— nourishing, tissue repairing ingredients for your the people taking care of you to cook with.
  3. Plan your meal train, or your food service, or who is going to cook for you in your own home— who is going to be bringing you food? This is of vital importance and needs to be planned for.

Read more: https://damselindior.com/what-is-the-first-forty-days/

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