Hello postpartum recovery,
  • baby blues.
  • iron deficiency.
  • low milk supply.
  • slow healing.
  • low energy.


What is Pluscenta?

Pluscenta is a modern placenta encapsulation service. We turn your placenta into pills using medical grade technology. Our mission is helping new moms combat postpartum depression, optimize lactation, recover and rejuvenate.

Dramatic hormone fluctuations are a part of the postpartum experience, and science shows the placenta contains a long list of hormones which are vital to recovery.

Combats stress and unlocks new sources of energy
Promotes lactation after birth, enhancing breast milk supply
Reduces pain and help to return uterus to original state
Strengthens your natural immune system to fight infections
Increases iron level and decreases anemia risk.
Stimulates cortisol release and elevates brain activities
Stops bleeding and stimulates wound healing
Boosts energy and regulates postpartum hormones

Why encapsulation?

The placenta is an endocrine organ, a thin sheet of tissue super rich in hormones which has been protecting your baby and providing nutrients during your pregnancy. Your placenta begins producing hormones at 6-8 weeks of gestation to help sustain pregnancy. These hormonal levels continually increase, and by the third trimester there are 3x the normal level of hormones. Unfortunately, 5 days postpartum, these levels plummet to well below normal. This is when mothers commonly experience the 'baby blues'.

"A growing body of scientific research shows that mothers who consume their placenta report increased energy and diminished postpartum depression." - Science Direct

Why us? Clean and simple, delivered.

Everything is included
A Pluscenta kit packed with 11 essential items will arrive at your door the next day.
On your big day
Follow our easy step-by-step instruction card to collect your placenta, or text us for assistance.
Questions? Send us a text
Easy drop off
Your return shipping box is prepaid, simply drop it off at any UPS station. You will receive your encapsulated pills in less than 48 hours!

And you can trust our process.

We comply with all OSHA, FDA and EPA guidelines. At Pluscenta, we invest in the highest medical grade technology because your health and safety is our priority. Our state-of-the-art lab uses the same sterile decontamination processes as leading biotechnology research laboratories. This enables us to provide the safest standard of service at all times, ensuring our products are consistently produced to an extremely high quality.

All materials are client specific, meaning that each placenta is sterilized individually throughout the process. In 2022, our mission is to reinvent the placenta encapsulation industry by bringing a safe modern solution to this long-established practice.