Placenta Encapsulation 🟡Transform Your Placenta into Easy-to-Consume Capsules

Facing hormonal changes after birth, many moms are turning to placenta encapsulation for its natural and effective support. At Pluscenta, we transform your placenta into pills using a modern, safe, and rapid process, providing moms the maximum benefits from placenta consumption.

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Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Why Placenta Encapsulation

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Benefits for Postpartum Recovery

Boosted Energy Postpartum
Balanced Mood
& Hormones
Increased Overall
Milk Supply
Diminished Baby Blues
Reduced Vaginal Pain
& Bleeding
Increased Blood Iron Level
Stimulate uterus
to original state
Faster Weight Loss
& Recovery

Boosted Energy Postpartum

Balanced Mood & Hormones

Increased Overall Milk Supply

Diminished Baby Blues & PPD

Reduced Vaginal Pain & Bleeding

Increased Blood Iron Level

Stimulate uterus to original state

Faster Weight Loss & Recovery

Scientific Research Indicates Consuming Placenta in Pill Form is Both Safe and Effective

The peer reviewed medical literature shows that placenta consumption is completely safe, and that the hormones doctors use in clinical settings to combat postpartum depression have been proven to be bioavailable in placenta pills

  • ✔ Balanced Emotions
  • A balanced hormonal state helps alleviate postpartum anxiety and mood swings.

  • ✔ Lactation Promotion
  • Enhances your body's ability to nurture, boosting milk volume for your newborn.

  • ✔ Combat Fatigue
  • Unlocks new source of energy. Recharge, rejuvenate and embrace each day with renewed enthusiasm.

  • ✔ Faster Healing
  • Stimulates wound healing and pain relief from post-birth discomforts.

How To Get My Placenta Encapsulated

Step 1

We Ship You a Kit

Once you place an order, we send a prep kit that contains all the materials needed to collect your placenta. Bring the kit with you to birth and let the nurse know you're keeping your placenta.

Step 2

Our Lab Processes Your Kit

After birth, drop the kit off at any UPS. Your prepaid express cold shipping label is already included, and your kit will arrive at our lab in 24 hours, nationwide.

Step 3

Your Pills, Delivered

Our standard turnaround time is within 48 hours upon receiving your kit. You can expect to receive your pills in 3 to 5 business days.

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Why Opt for Our Placenta Encapsulation Services?

✔ Lab-Grade Safety

We’re raising the bar on the placenta encapsulation process with our lab-based approach, ensuring unmatched safety.

✔ Quick & Easy

Eager to turn placenta into pills? We offer a quick turnaround, delivering door to to door, nationwide.

✔ Trusted Brand

With glowing reviews and concierge service, we're the most trusted placenta encapsulation company for moms in the USA.

✔ Affordable & Nationwide

Our service is flat fee, everything is included. Plus, we're everywhere - serving all 50 states.

✔ Diverse & Mission-Driven

Equal access to postpartum care, safe and affordable placenta encapsulation for all moms.

Unlock Nature's Best-Kept Secret with Pluscenta

    Consuming your placenta might sound a bit unconventional, if not downright unpleasant.

    According to actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik who is an advocate of placenta encapsulation, “Human beings are the only mammals that don’t routinely ingest their placenta which are consumed by every other mammal for its nutrients that are critical in helping the mother’s body recuperate after giving birth.

    But what if there was a way to harness all the benefits without the "ick" factor?

    That's where we step in. We encapsulate your placenta, turning it into easy-to-consume pills with lab-based technology. Our proprietary processing allows moms to reap all the advantages without any reservations.

Shop Now - $375
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Placenta Encapsulation FAQs

No it’s never too late or too early to order our service. Our logistic team will send you a kit within 24 hours after ordering. Even if you give birth before the kit arrives, as long as your placenta is kept refrigerated in a sterile container it’s safe to encapsulate.

Yes, most hospitals are familiar with this practice. Once you are admitted, tell your nurse you are keeping your placenta. If you have any questions, please text us at (914) 279-0782. Our normal response time is 1 minute. We are with you every step of the way..

We're focused on only two things: making it safe and and maximizing bioavailability. The truth is that much of the nutritional benefit of oral supplements is lost due to insufficient absorption. Our lab-based approach, with a client specific proprietary disinfection and decontamination cycle to eliminate impurities and preserve your nutrients in their original form. Go to 'Our Process' page to learn more,.

Your complete preparation kit ships in 24 hours. It has everything you need to collect and send your placenta back to our lab.

Your kit contains everything you need to collect and send your placenta to our lab: a prepaid express shipping label, an insulated shipping box, a tamper evident container and ice gel packs. See 'How It Works' section on home page..

Once we receive your placenta, our lab will process and ship the pills back to you within 36 hours..

At Pluscenta, we offer a personalized service to transform your placenta into consumable pills. Our health and safety protocols ensure that you receive your placenta pills crafted with utmost care..

To encapsulate your placenta with Pluscenta, start by placing an order on our website. We'll provide a prep kit for placenta collection. After childbirth, simply ship your placenta using the kit, and we'll handle the encapsulation, returning the pills to you in 3-5 business days..

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