Where is your company based?
We are headquartered in New York City. Our encapsulation specialists are all based in the tri-state area.
What is the encapsulation process?
Our encapsulation process includes 5 treatment stages: decontamination, steaming, dehydration and grounding. We rinse it with fresh spring water and soak it in our proprietary blend of traditional Chinese herbs for 4 hours to ensure that the nutrients are locked in before the steaming process, then steam it at 220 degrees for 30 min to eliminate any possible contamination. We mechanically dehydrate it overnight at room temperature. Lastly, we grind it into powder form to maximize absorption.
What sanitation guideline do you use?
We comply with the OSHA, FDA and EPA guidelines. Our materials are client specific, and sterilized to medical grade standards after each encapsulation.
Will the hospital know what to do?
Yes, all hospitals are familiar with this practice. Once you are admitted, tell your nurse you are keeping your placenta. They might ask you to sign a release form. Note that you have 100% the right to keep your placenta. If you have any questions, please DM in chat, instagram, facebook. Our normal response rate is 1 minute. We are with you every step of the way.
When is it not safe to encapsulate my placenta?
If you have HIV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, or Hepatitis C. For any other medical related concerns, please email info@pluscenta.com
How can I be sure I’m getting my own placenta pills?
At Pluscenta, we follow a strict ‘Chain of Custody’ procedure to ensure there is no possibility of cross-contamination. The specialist who picks up your tamper evident package up is the one who processes it, from start to finish. Our process is an unbroken path which takes your product from raw material through production to the return shipping to the customer. There is no ‘hand-off’ from one specialist to another, so there is no possibility of communication errors.
What is in Pluscenta collection kit?
Our Pluscenta collection kit contains 10 essential items you will need to collect your placenta, including a prepaid shipping cooler box, two ice gel packs, one temper evident container and bags, a zip lock for security, and eco-friendly tape for packaging. Everything you need will ship to you right after your purchase. Go to our home page and scroll down to 'We make it so easy' section for more details.
When will I receive my pills?
1-2 days after we receive your Plus+centa collection kit.
Do you provide placenta art, tincture and other services?
No we do not.
What if I change my mind?
You can cancel your order anytime before your due date with a full refund minus the shipping & handling fee. To be eligible for a return, your must return the Pluscenta Kit you received in its original packaging.
I still have more questions.
Email us! info@pluscenta.com