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Bring on the Milk!!

I purchased the premium placenta encapsulation kit for my wife as one of her push presents. We mailed out the kit on Saturday afternoon and had our capsules delivered back that Wednesday morning. The process was simple and products were very aesthetically pleasing. My wife takes 2 capsules 2x a day and already has noticed a major increase in milk flow over the past week. She feels energized and the pills have no weird after taste. I highly recommend this service for its quick turn around and high quality products. She even got some cool goodies back with her encapsulated placenta! The customer service staff is also very helpful. 10/10

Fast and Easy Process!

Just received my pills and so looking forward to the benefits! The process was fast and easy, and customer service at Pluscenta was there every step of the way!


I got my pills and im so excited. It was a really fast and easy process and I got my pills within a few days. I’m so excited to see how I feel throughout the next couple months.


Incredible service! Fast communication, nurse came to hospital to pick up placenta and wonderful presentation and delivery of pills. Thank you for such a fantastic experience Pluscenta!

Gift for my wife

My wife was looking to have this done and was so happy when we found pluscenta it was such an easy process and so happy with the results. As a first time mom she appreciated how fast and easy it was to communicate. We’re very satisfied as she’s still taking them postpartum.

Feeling Better Before Even Starting

Pluscenta is a Heaven sent thing for starting your recovery postpartum. I was beyond thankful I found this service for my 2nd pregnancy. Even before starting the pills just the ease of mind having them gave me so much relief. I feel confident in my recovery and healing just knowing the amazing benefits of my placenta after delivery. (I’ll write another review in a month or so with a follow up on how I’m feeling). Any questions I had they quickly answered and followed up with me after baby. I wish this service could be provided for every woman postpartum.

Excited for my encapsulated placenta

Just got my placenta pills back and I am so excited. I actually ordered the box in the hospital. Took my placenta home and had it in the freezer until my box came a day or so later. Froze my ice pack and mailed my placenta off. When I texted they texted me back ASAP and I received my placenta pills a few days later with a special gift. Thank you

First time mom experience

I am a first time mom and did a lot of research while being pregnant on the things that would help me and my baby. When I found out about PLUSCENTA I was amazed at how much it could do for both of us and the information hospitals didn’t want to provide. I’m so happy to be a customer and have found them. It was a great experience and I just started taking my pills and excited for the recovery process.

Confidence in best practices preparing your placenta

So far I have been very happy with my over experience in ordering, preparing, shipping and now just receiving my pills. I have not tried them yet but I had a positive experience taking placenta pills with my first child. What I like with this service is the confidence I feel knowing that my placenta and it’s pill encapsulation is handled with upmost care and best safe practices instead of at home kitchens where you cannot guarantee any cross contaminations

Easy and worth it!

I bought this package for my wife. The process is very simple and easy. It is also very quick. I shipped back Monday evening and received my pills back on Friday. She can’t wait to start taking these. Thank you for making this so easy!

Overall great experience

I had several questions prior to ordering my pluscenta kit and the customer service via email and Instagram messaging was quick and answered all my questions! The only reason I gave four stars instead of five is I wish their return shipping was faster. The other encapsulation company I was considering overnights the pills back to the customer once the encapsulation process is completed. I sent my pluscenta in 4 days postpartum and didn’t receive it back until a week later. My baby blues had subsided by this point, and my milk had fully come in. So I don’t know if the pills kept me from getting PPD because my hormone levels had already started to level out when I started taking the pills. I also found it weird that it’s suggested to refrigerate the pills, but mine spent 3-4 days in a FedEx box before arriving. I did have to cut down to two doses a day because I was on the verge of overproducing milk. So I’m pretty certain the pills did help with my milk supply. Overall I am pleased with the experience and I would utilize this company again, hopefully there’s just a faster shipping option when my next baby comes around!

Excellent customer service!

I used Pluscenta for my first birth so I was new to the service. It is extremely convenient. The instructions are clear and straight forward and their customer service is excellent - any questions you might have about any stage of the process they will answer via text within minutes! A truly fantastic service.

The best choice for placenta encapsulation

As a first time mom wanting to encapsulate her placenta, this team exceeds all markers for simple, safe and effective encapsulation. I love how easy they make it for moms to collect and send their placenta in. The 24/7 customer service is there to support you with any questions and concerns. I am 7 weeks postpartum and my recovery journey has been amazing so far. Thank you Pluscenta!

Worth it

So worth it! You’ve got nothing to lose. This helped my pp journey esp in being a first time mom. Currently 7 weeks pp. My energy was better, mentally physically emotionally. My milk supply also came right on the 3rd day and i was producing a lot, enough for my baby to feed on demand plus pumping sessions in between. My c-section incision site healed faster and quicker, also my hair is shinier and did not experience any hair loss. Thank you Pluscenta for being with me in my journey

Great customer service

I was worried that I wasn’t going to receive my pills on time. I reach out and they inform me it was mailed feb 1st. It took a week to receive my pills but I’m glad I have them to start my journey. Thank you Natacha

Easy, Happy, Healthy

From ordering, to hospital, to shipping back, to capsules received - this process could not have been made more simple and perfect! I was returned my encapsulated placenta pills within 4 days of giving birth. And now am on track to the best postpartum recovery I could’ve imagined! So thankful and happy with my experience

Would Recommend

Excellent customer service and experience so far. I’ve only taken my pills about a week and haven’t noticed a significant difference but I look forward to finishing my dose and seeing the benefits!

Just what I needed!

I gave birth 6 days ago and my pills have already arrived! Customer service was responsive and answered all the questions I had quickly and efficiently. This is something I knew I wanted to do to support my recovery and I am grateful I came across Pluscenta at the Prego convention. The tea they sent along with my pills was a nice added bonus.


This helped me recover much faster. My hair did not fall out. My skin looks amazing. I did have a tear in my healing was done in less than 14 days and my milk supply is amazing my hormones feel great. I don’t have any issues aside some sleep deprivation, of course, with a new one but it’s manageable.

Super easy and straightforward

I was having a difficult time finding a service in my local area, and came across plus+centa during a late night Google search session. I was concerned I was ordering the service so close to my due date, but everything arrived just in time! The delivery was swift, the instructions were extremely easy to follow, and I received my placenta pills shortly after arriving home. The customer service is fantastic, not to mention their packaging is very stylish! I would highly recommend their service to any mom who is looking for encapsulation services!

Premium Placenta Encapsulation
Viktoriya Komelyagina
Good Experience

I came accross Plus+centa at the Prego Expo event. Their communication and services were amazing, the delivery was quick. I would definitely recommend them!


Communication was amazing! Shipping and delivery were quick and easy!

Wonderful experience

I found Pluscenta after not being able to find a midwife or provider who would encapsulate my placenta in my area. My experience from being to end has been a breeze and the customer support is amazing. When I did have questions I got a response right away.
I am just 5 weeks postpartum but truly feel these pills have helped me with PPD.
I will definitely be using this service for future deliveries.

Don’t think twice! Do what’s best for you!

I first came across this company via an advertising on Instagram. I send them a DM and didn’t expect a response for a while, instead to my beautiful surprise I got a real response within hours. I asked multiple questions and they answered so promptly every single time. I couldn’t imagine doing this with no other company! Very responsive and reliable. The process was easy and I was able to do it right after birth. My pills give me tons of energy and have helped me combat postpartum. Thank you Plus+centa 💛.

This is the sign you are looking for!

Wow - Let me start by saying that I was debating between this company and another one for months!. I am happy that I made the decision to move forward with Plus+centa. I was so excited to move forward with this process leading up to my labor. Due to unfortunate circumstances, my Placenta was thrown out by my nurse. I was told that had a fever and they were worried about infection. Needless to say, I was devastated. After communicating my awful experience with the owner of Plus+centa, she understood and sent some organic home remedies. I am grateful for the genuine customer support and will be a returning customer for my next little one. Thank you so much! If you need a sign, this is it!